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Paint Restoration


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If you just bought the car of your dreams but you are not ready to drop a few thousand dollars for a new paint job, let us work our magic! Our paint restoration package will take your pride and joy and make it look as close to new as humanly possible with the paint you have left! This package includes wet sanding, cutting, and 4 stages of polishing followed by our top notch carnauba wax, sealant, or ceramic coating of your choice!

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Our Black Paint Guarantee

We take pride in our paint work. As so, we guarantee you no holograms, hazing or swirl marks caused by our hand held polishing machines. We feel there is nothing worse than driving past a freshly “detailed” black vehicle and seeing the terrible holograms going every which way. These are caused by shops slapping powerful machines in inexperienced hands. We promise that you will see none of that from us!

Before & After Paint Correction

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